Sugar Planters & Manufactures: 1842. Saint James Parish, Louisiana
Submitted by: Gaytha Carver Thompson

Source: Louisiana State Courier October 1984
Compiled by Annette Carpenter Womack, editor
Typed by: Gaytha Carver Thompson

27th Congress
2nd Session




An increase of the duties on imported sugar.

JUNE 23, 1842
Referred to the Committee on Printing,
JUNE 24, 1842
Ordered to be printed

To the honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States
in Congress assembled:

The undersigned, planters and sugar manufactures of the State of Louisiana,
beg respectfully to state:

That it is only after losses have reached their height, that events have
proved that, under the practical operation of the compromise bill our
agriculture and our commerce, as well as our manufacturing interest are not
only paralyzed, but brought to the very verge of absolute ruin.  That they
approach the representatives of the nation, in Congress assembled, earnestly
to pray them to come to the relief of an industry involving an outlay of
capital of $52,000,000, the destruction of which, be causing a national loss
to an extent beyond calculation, would lead to expropriation of almost every
planter connected with it.

That against the theories, discarding discriminating duties intended to foster
home labor, which have brought every department of our Government into
disrepute   which have made, with few exceptions, every mechanic, every
manufacture, very merchant, every farmer, every corporation, in our once happy
Union, a bankrupt   and which at length, after long struggle, are shaking our
Government itself to its very foundation the undersigned beg most respectfully
to oppose the authority of one our ablest and most honored statesmen.

In 1785, Thomas Jefferson was one of the most ardent and strenuous advocates
of free trade; his opinions, in 1816, were as follows (Niles Register, vol.
10; page 25   letter to Benjamin Austin)

Compare the present state of things with that of '85, and say whether an
opinion, founded in the circumstances of that day, can be fairly applied to
those present.  We have experienced what we then did not believe, that there
exist both profligacy and power to exclude us from the field of interchange
with other nations; that to be independent for the comforts of life we must
fabricate them ourselves.  We must now place the manufacturer by the side of
the agriculturist.  The former question is nothing short of three cents duty
on raw sugars, and other qualities in proportion, can avert the calamity about
visiting every sugar planter of Louisiana, and to add that, even setting aside
all other considerations, the sugar interest having grown under the revenue
tariff of 1816, and under that tariff millions and millions of dollars having
been permanently invested in works which can not be destroyed without the most
ruinous consequences to the parties who have embarked their fortunes in the,
it is but sheer justice to them that the same duty of 1816 should be continued
so long as a revenue is required to carry on the Government, and it is derived
from the same source.

All which is respectfully submitted.

Parish of St. James

Dalcour Aune
Florent Fortier
R. Roman
John J. Davis
L. Robin Deligny
Jean Jacques Roman
J. T. Roman
J. R. Armant
___ Armant
M. Simon
Senfroy Simon
Choppin & Roman
L. D. Dupare
G. Dupare
R. Zocoul
E. S. Roman
Vicorin roman
Jamond Cripagnier
Dalcour Aune
Florent Fortier
R. Roman
John J. Davis
L. Robin Deligny
Jean Jacques Roman
J. T. Roman
J. R. Armant
---- Armant
M. Simon
Seufroy Simon
Choppin & Roman
L. D. Dupare
G. Dupare
R. Zocoul
E. S. Roman
Victorin Roman
Jamond Cripagnier
Samuel Fagot
Welham & Godbery
Arnaud Le bourgeois
A. Duplantur
C. M. Shepherd
Andam Scheckjenuder
Bte. Parent
Stephen Henderson
Abner L. Duncan
Joseph Martinez
Marcellus Martinez
A. Bird
William Hunstock
Alex. Humphreys
T. L. Deslattes
Edouard Bourgeois
X. Ferry
J. Mathers
V. Louis Le Bourgeois
Pierre Theriot, Pere
Josthem Allain
John Devenport
Josiah Barker
F. D. Conrad
John C. Williams
J> B. Firchaud
N. A. Villavaso
T. Villavaso
W. Uricau
Robert Carter Nicholas
Pierre Prichard
Benjamin Prichard
Benjamin Purray
M. Poirrier
Jos. Melancon, Fils
Garais Gauthreaux
Evariste Mire
J. X. Cantrelle
T. N. Cantrelle
E. A. Cantrelle
A. J. Gaudet
Ben. Winchiston
Valery Gaudet
Camille Mire
R. Bell
Joseph Le Blanc
X. Sarazin
Alexandre Gotreaux
Donat Le Blanc, Fils
Elvy Eber
E. B. Winny
Edward Braud
Th. Leon Arceneau
Bienvenu Bergeron
B. Michel Bergeron
Desire Bergeron
F. Gainer
C. E. Prichard
T. Gourdain
D. Gaudet
George S. Guion
M. H. Darmis
Auguste Bertrand
H. Darue
Vincent Gerron, Fils
James Parks
William Spear
G. D. Bourgeais
G. Doyer
Auguste Rogers
M. Bourg
S. G. Moore
Charles Ane
J. C. White
C. Bourg
P. Portier
Nenville Champagne
Ulysse D. Terrebourg
John White
P. Lugarde
S. S. Wheeler
R. Gresham
L. Lomoureux
H. Hoffmans
A. Bronnais
Ch. Delauche, editor of the Patriot
Joseph Daigle
Wellington Evans
Nicola Laine
A. Collins
Marcellin Breau
Jean Hebert
V. P. Winans
George Bonez
Daniel Nettetton
B. J. Jalles
F. Lacapere
Marcelin Bourg
Et. T. Burnham
C. Gaude
Leon F. Gaude
Joseph W. Tucker
Joseph C. Williams
Thomas P. Evans
Joachim Badeaux
Louis, Dr.
Eugene Navarre
A. Rausser
H. Geolet
L. Deshields
Charles F. Gande
Firmin Bornlreaud
St. B. Richard
Robert Daynt
J. Leblanc
Endger Wachespack
Euber Wachespack
Louis Wachespack
Joseph Yonps
Eugene Champagne
Jean Baptist Champagne
Joseph F. Champagne
C. W. Coulon
G. Bauvais
Mathurin Pitre
P. Toups
Etienne Leblanc
St. G. Falgout
Zenon Bourgeois
F. Lornby
F. Hebert, Fils
A. Dornas
John M. Williams
Etienne Toups
T. P. Bourg
Vateri Bayra
A. Reis
A. Lirette
S. Gubert Aucoiy
Ch. L. Du Roy
Joachim Bergeron
H. S. Karr
David Strain
Jean Pre Petre
Augustus Ledai
Alexis Lydet
Joseph Robichaux
Luefrois Robichaux
Eugene Robiehaux
Simon Bergeon
V. S. Benoit
Onesime Babin
T. T. Babin
Edouard Bergeron
J. Aubert
John H. Field
J. H. Aubert
G. Abribat
J. Nicolas
T. H. Knoblock
Edouard Folse
P. Faler
J. Baptiste Are. Bourgeois
Pierre Detresval
Leon Folgout, Fils
William Roussel
Joachim Guine
William L. Robinson
George W. Iquires

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