Jefferson College Project

The Jefferson College Project

Over the years I have received several photographs of people and organizations related to the old Jefferson College in St. James the Baptist Parish Louisiana.  Almost weekly I receive requests for information about the college, information which I really don't have.  These photographs and requests have encouraged me to begin The Jefferson College Project.

The goals of this project are twofold:
1.)   Identify the people in the photographs we collect
2.)  Become a repository for the information and history of
Jefferson College.

YOU can help and BE A CONTRIBUTING PART OF THIS PROJECT by sending information you gather about Jefferson College.  Send photographs you have that pertain to any area of the college.  Send information regarding past students, professors of the college.  WE NEED YOUR HELP!

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Jefferson College Photographs

Photograph Subject Contributor
  James Wallace Champagne Charlotte Champagne
 Jefferson College Band  ca1905-1910 Charlotte Champagne
Paul Champagne's Jefferson College Sword Charlotte Champagne
Jefferson College Tennis Team  ca 1905-1910 Charlotte Champagne

Jefferson College Literary and Debate Society ca 1905-1910

Charlotte Champagne

J. M. Webre 1907

Barbara Jensen

Graduating Class Jefferson College Classical Department 1906-07

Barbara Jensen


Jefferson College History

Manresa Jesuit Retreat
(Formerly Jefferson College)




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