Reading the page on the Haydels (Heidel) of White Rose Plantation, which was originally published in 1914. This contains much misinformation. One example is that Odile Haydel was married to John Kelly, when her husband was (Charles) Adolph Keller, my father-in-law's parents. There is no mention of Polymnie Becnel being the mother of (Josephine) Odile, Leocadie, and Olymph Haydel. If you would like further information, please contact me at The family was not aware of a previous marriage of Joseph Felix Haydel which also produced children.
Odile Haydel and Adolph Keller were married at White Rose Plantation in April, 1900, because the bride's father was too ill to attend a church wedding. He expired just a few days later.
Anna Kadakova Keller

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