P. F. Bourgeois, St. James Parish, Louisiana
Submitted by Mike Miller

P. F. Bourgeois 
          St. James Parish, Louisiana 
    P. F. Bourgeois.  Of that sturdy and independent class, the planters
of Louisiana, none are possessed of more genuine merit and a stronger
character than he whose name stands at the head of this sketch.  He was
born in St. James parish, La., January 17, 1832, the second of ten
children born to C. and Raimond (Phillips) Bourgeois, the former's
father having been one of the original Acadian exiles.  He was one of
four men who settled in the then wilds of Louisiana, and in order to
obtain a living was engaged in making pickets, P. F. Bourgeois removed
to Pointe Coupee parish in 1852, settling near New Texas, and as he had
no capital, he engaged in the wood business, a calling he followed until
the opening of the war, doing well financially.  In 1861 he entered the
commissary department of Miles' legion for nine months, during which
time he remained in and about Port Hudson.  After the war he engaged in
buying and selling cattle, but at the end of two years be re-engaged in
the wood business, and although he had some reverses he also made some
money.  In 1873 he purchased a stock of general merchandise on a debt
which was owing him, and to this business, as well as to planting and
trading, he has since devoted his attention.  He has also done an
extensive business in buying and selling moss, which he shipped to St.
Louis and other points, which enterprise paid well.  His store has
always been largely patronized, and has always yielded him a good annual
income, for from a stock of goods worth about $3,000 he does a business
of $20,000 yearly.  He owns an interest in three large plantations,
these plantations aggregating 2,540 acres, of which 1,500 are under
cultivation, devoted to the raising of cotton, corn and sugar cane.  In
1890 he made 250 hogsheads of sugar, two sugar mills being in constant
operation.  He also has a steam cotton gin, making from 200 to 400 bales
of cotton yearly.  He does a large furnishing business and handles more
cotton than the producers.  He was at one time a member of the police
jury of Pointe Coupee parish, and has been an active and useful citizen
of this section ever since locating here.  He possesses the courteous
and polished manners for which the French are famous, is of a very
sociable nature, and is kind hearted, generous and hospitable.  He is of
dark complexion, is over six feet tall and weighs 225 pounds.  He was
married, October 4, 1853, to Miss Victoria Bouis, a native of this
parish, by whom he has had eleven children, nine of whom are living:
Mrs. Helena Burquoi, Mrs. Gertrude Stonaka, Mrs. Josephine Boud, Mrs.
Regina Fisher, Laura, Agnes L., Jane, Roger and Vincent.  The family are
members of the Catholic church.
 From Biographical and Historical Memoires of Louisiana, volume 2, p.
Submitted by Mike Miller
NOTE:  There was one error in the article on P.F.Bourgeois.  It stated that his
parents were C. and Raimond (Phillips) Bourgeois.  His parents were Celestin Bourgeois and
Gertrude Coussat. 

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