Descendants of Mathieu Brignac, St. James Parish, Louisiana
Continued from Part I  File prepared by D.N. Pardue

From the French Settlement Historical Register, published by the
Settlement Historical Society, French Settlement, Louisiana
70733. The
LaGenWeb Archives thanks them for contributing this information.

Vol. 4, December 1979

Originally submitted to the FSHR by Marietta Lambert

1.  Marie Scholastique Villicque
    Born: CA 1785
    Married: Henry Berthelot, son of Henry Berthelot and
Catherine Loup,

             30 July 1805, St. James Church

    Their children were:

1-1 Henry Berthelot III m. Mellessere Haydel
1-2 Zeno Berthelot m. (1) Marie marcelline Guitreau (2) Virginia
1-3 Scholastic m. Ursin Leche
1-4 Marie Irene m. Adam Lobell
1-5 Julien m. Ophelia Roussel
1-6 Marie Manon m. Francois Piche
1-7 Marie Adelaide m. Jacques Gregoire, Jr.
1-8 Marie Emeliser, Died 26 November 1833, age 1
1-9 Marie Marguerite Azelie, Died 1 November 1830, age 4

Henry Berthelot died 4 April 1827, age 39
He was buried at St. John Baptist Church Cemetery.

Marie Scholastic Villicque is 65 years old in 1850 Census of
No death or burial records found.

2.  Felicite Villic
    Native of St. John Baptish Parish
    Baptised: 14 November 1788
    Married: Jacques (Fauser) Vauser, son of George Fauser and
Scis (Cyr),
             28 January 1908, St. James Parish (civil)

    Their children were:

2-1 Marie m. Francois Vickner
2-2 Irene

by 1830 Census George Fauser is deceased and Felicite is listed
three daughters.

3.  Marguerite Villic
    Born: 28 September 1790
    Baptised: 10 October 1790
    Native of St. John the Baptist Parish
    Married: Jacque Gregoire, son of Louis Gregoire and Genevieve
             8 April 1806, St. James Church

    Their children were:

3-1 Marguerite m. Francois Lobell, son of Louis Lobell and
    Born: 23 April 1813
3-2 Jacque Jr. m. Adelaide Berthelot, his first cousin, daughter
Henry Berthelot
                  and Scholastic Willic, 29 May 1837, St. Michael

    Born: CA 1816

Marguerite Villic is deceased bofore 1817.  On January 27, 1817
Gregoire is
contracting marriage with Seraphine Roussel, daughter of
Roussel and Perine
Haydel.  Seraphine Roussel was the widow of Casimar Cantrelle.

The children of Mathieu Brignac and Marguerite Vickner:

A1.  Mathieu Brignac, Jr. was born in St. James Parish 16 July
1795.  He

     married 15 June 1819 in St. John the Baptist Church, Edgard,
     Emerante Cambre, the daughter of George Cambre and Marie
Rose Ory.
     Mathieu Jr. and Emerante lived in St. John the Baptist
     Mathieu Brignac Jr. died 5 August 1853 and was buried in St.
     the Baptist Parish.

     A1-1.  Emerantinne Zulmee
        2.  Mathieu III
        3.  Azelie
        4.  Adele
        5.  Sylvain
        6.  Eliza
        7.  Alexander
        8.  Alceste
            (Alexander and Alceste were twins.  Alceste died at
Lookout, Md. on 29 June 1864, age 29, was a resident of Bonnet
Carre, La.;
Co. H - 10 Louisiana Infty, CSA)

A2.  2nd son of Mathieu Brignac & Marguerite Vicknair:
     Henry Simon Brignac was born in St. James Parish 15 June
     He married Adelaide Ory, the daughter of Antoine Ory and
     Marguerite Cambre the 10th Jan. 1820 in St. John the Baptist
     Church, Edgard, La.  Six months later, on the 11th of July
     Adelaide died.  Henry Simon Brignac married a second time
     the 17 March 1823 (St. Helena Parish Civil Marriages) to
     Elizabeth Cesaire Millet, the daughter of Antoine Haydel and
     Cesaire Millet.  This couple was living along "Le Fleuve"
     (Mississippi River) when Henry Simon died 18 February 1837
     and was buried in St. Michael Cemetery, Convent, La. 
     Haydel, like her sister Delphine Haydel who had lost her
     husband, Francois Brignac the 13 Feb. 1836 moved bact to
     the Mathieu Brignac Homestead, Section 41, French
     La.  Cesaire Haydel married a second time Joseph Lambert II
     son of Joseph Lambert and Theotiste Vickner and widower of
     Susanne Decareaux.
     Note: The first nuptials entered in the records of St.
     Ferrier Church, Port Vincent, La. are:
        I - Vincent Scivicque, widower of Eleanor Brignac,
            and Celeste Brignac widow of Georges Millet - 25 June
       II - Joseph Lambert, widower of Susanne Decareaux,
            and Cezar Aidel, widow of Henry Simon Brignac,
            entered the day, 25 June 1842.

The children of Henry Simon Brignac and Cesaire Haydel are:

    A2-1  Adam Brignac, died 11 Jan. 1834, age 1
       2. Marguerite Elizabeth Brignac, b. 26 August 1828
          Married Jean Louis Villar II called Numas, son
          of Jean Louis Villar and Marguerite Aurora Picou.

       Their children were:

       1.  Marguerite Anaise Villar, b. 22 Oct. 1843
       2.  Jean Louis Oscar Villar, b. 6 March 1845
       3.  Simon Placide Villar, b. 19 December 1846
           Married Marie Amelayda Guitreau, daughter
           of Hypolite Guitreau and Clotilde Berthelot
       4.  Marie Celia Villar, b. 9 September 1847
           Married Emile Millet, son of Adam Millet
           and Delphine Mayer.

           Marguerite Elizabeth Brignac, d. 9 nov. 1857
           Jean Louis Villar, d. 20 Oct. 1864
           Both are buried in the old French Settlement Cemetery.

     A2-3  Marie Jumelia Brignac, b. 18 Aug 1828
           Married Alexander Brignac III son of
           Alexander Brignac II and Marie Conrad

Their children were:

       1.  Hubert Brignac, b. 29 February 1845
           Married Elizemia Decareaux, daughter of
           Eugene Decareaux and Rosalie Leche
           1.  Joseph m. Josephine Lambert
           2.  Mary M. m. (1) Florian LeBourgeois, (2) Charles
           3.  Eugene m. Ozile Vicknair

       2.  Telcide, b. 1847 (no record)
       3.  Alexander, b. 1849 (no record)
       4.  Jumellia, b. 30 Jan 1854
           Married Charles Guitreau, son of Hypolite Guitreau
           and Clothile Berthelot

           Their children were:

           Joseph Amelius, bapt. 1876
           Charles Hebert, b. 1878
           Gerard Paul, b. 1881
           Marie Arcisse, b. 1884
           Marie Natalie, b. 1887
           Marie Louise, b. 1891, d. 1977

       5.  Simon Brignac called "Grandboy"
           Born 8 Feb. 1856
           Married Maria Mirza Lobell, daughter of
           Leonce Phillippe Lobell and Marguerite Elizabeth

       6.  Pierre Alceste Brignac
           Born 23 Feb. 1859
           Married Marie Myrthe Guitreau, daughter
           of Hypolite Guitreau and (his second wife)Philomene

           Their children were:

           1.  Noalie
           2.  Ophelie
           3.  Regina
           4.  Hubert Eugene
           5.  Ernest
           6.  Hercule
           7.  Johnie
           8.  Aynoise (Alexander)
           9.  William

           Pierre Alceste Brignac, d. 20 June 1924
           Marie Myrthe Guitreau, d. 1 October 1923

       7.  Marie E. Brignac
           Baptised 22 June 1861, no other record found.
           Marie Jumilia Brignac, d. 11 March 1873, age 44
           Alexander Brignac, d. 19 January 1868, age 52
           Both are buried in the old French Settlement Cemetery.

     A2-4  Ulger Brignac
           Born 20 February 1829
           Son of Henry Simon Brignac and Cesaire Haydel, no
record found.

     A2-5  Philomene Coraide Brignac
           Born 4 Jaunary 1837
           Daughter of Henry Simon Brignac and Cesaire Haydel, no
record found.

A3-  1st daughter and 3rd child of Mathieu Brignac and Marguerite

       Marie Emilia Brignac, b. 22 March 1799
       Married Joseph Diaz, son of Diago Diaz and Marie Viera the
       28 May 1818, St. Gabriel Church.  There is very little
       information on this couple.  Neither Emelia nor her
       were mentioned in the Brignac succession and sale.

   A3-1  Joseph Augustin Diaz, b. CA 1820
         Married Marie Clorane Villar
         The only children we have for him are from the
         St. Jospeh Church baptism records:
         1.  Marie Augustine, b. 21 June 1857
         2.  Marie Elisa, b. 1 May 1860
         3.  Joseph Augustin, b. 12 January 1868

   A3-2  Adolphe Diaz, b. CA 1822
         Married Josephine (Sophine) Severio about 1846
         Only children baptised in St. Joseph Church,
         French Settlement, La.
         1.  Joseph, b. 25 Jan. 1847
         2.  Adolphe, b. 24 Jan. 1851
         3.  Marie Modeste, b. 14 March 1853
         4.  Christophe, b. 14 Oct. 1855
         5 & 6. Twins: Josephine and Delphine, b. 23 Dec. 1857

     7.  Celestine, b. 25 Oct. 1860

    Adolphe Diaz was a "Traitor" during the Civil War.  According
to the
    Adam Lobell Private Papers, Adolphe Diaz and a small group of
followers, turned "Yankees" planned to bombard French Settlement
where all of
his relatives lived.  However on the 6 July 1862, First
Alfred Bradley and his Caruther's Sharpshooters surrounded his
home on the
Amite River, at 10 o'clock at night preparing to take him
    Adolphe refused to surrender and commenced firing on the
and they returned the fire mortally wounding him.  He was shot
seven times
in his side.

A4  2nd daughter and 4th child of Mathieu Brignac and Marguerite

    Marie Marguerite Magdalene called "Manon", b. 28 February
    She married her first cousin Paul Guitreau II, son of Paul
    Guitreau I and Josephine Vicknair.  This couple lived in
    French Settlement, La.  Their marriage dated 22 February 1819
    registered in the St. Gabriel Church records now in the Baton
    Catholic Archives.  The Guitreaus came to French Settlement,
    from False River in Pointe Coupee Parish, La.

    Their children were:

    A4-1  Marguerite (Mirza) Guitreau, b. 20 July 1820
          Married Jean S. Lambert, the youngest son of Joseph
          and Theotiste Vicknair, at the time Register 76 was
          we had no death record on this couple.  In 1979 while
          excavation work was being don in the Old Cemetery their
          head stones were found.

          Mirza Guitreau, b. 20 July 1820, d. 8 July 1874, age
          Jean S. Lambert, b. 15 March 1807, d. 28 June 1858, age

     Their children were:

     1.  John (Symphorien) Lambert, b. 1840, m. Marie Adele
     2.  Marguerite Elizabeth, b. 1842, m. (1) Pierre Vincent
(2) Leonce Philip Lobell
     3.  Hypolite (Paul), b. 1844, m. Florestine Delatte
     4.  Joseph, b. 1847, m. Irene Aydell
     5.  Francois "Luke" b. 1848, m. Delphine Brignac
     6.  Marie Noamie, b. 1850, m. Charles Salassi, widower of
     7.  Pierre (Boss) b. 1854, m. Ophelie Millet
     8.  Marie Mirza b. 1855, no other record

   A4-2  Elizabeth Guitreau, b. 26 Aug 1822, no other record

   A4-3  Leonora Guitreau, b. CA 1825
         Have not found a baptism record for her.
         Married Octave Matherne, son of Paul Matherne and

         Their children were:

         A4-3  1.  Elenore, b. 1847, m. Charles Felix Salassi
               2.  Azenor, b. 1849, m. Marguerite Murphy
               3.  Octavia, b. 1852, m. George Cambre
               4.  Octave, b. 1855 m. Elizabeth Heintz
               5.  Pauline, b. 1856 m. Luc. Villard
               6.  Paul, b. 1858

         Both Leonora Guitreau and Octave Matheren were deceased
by the
1870 Census.

         A5-4      Hypolite Guitreau, I have not found a baptism
death record for him.
                   However, he was married five times.  1st
Clotilde Berthelot,
                   daughter of Henry Berthelot and Emelissare

       Their children were:

            1.  Charles, b. 1850, m. Marie Jumelia Brignac
            2.  Marie Amelayda, b. 1852 m. Simon Placide Villar
            3.  Pierre, b. 1854, no record for him.

       2nd married Philomene Brignac, daughter of Nicolas Brignac
Delphine Haydel

       Their children were:

            4.  Bernard, b. 1857, m. Rosa Decareaux
            5.  Marie Marianne, b. 1860, m. Andre Murphy
            6.  Marie Martha, b. 1862, m. Alces Brignac
            7.  Marie Mathilde, b. 1864, no other record

       3rd married to Angeline Deslattes, daughter of Francois
and Eulalie Gautreaux

       Their child was:

            8.  Marie Matilde, b. 1871, m. Amilcar Pollet
                (Named for Marie Mathilde #7 who had died)

       4th married Scholastic Laiche, daughter of Ursin Laiche
Scholastic Berthelot.

       Their children were:

            9.  Marie Agnes, b. 1874
           10.  Alces, b. 1876

       5th marriage, 15 July 1881, Livingston Parish Civil
Marriage to
Mrs. Mary Marte Deslattes, daughter of Francois Deslattes and
Gautreaux and widow of Pierre Scalaur Guidry.
       No issues found of this marriage.  By 1892, Marte Deslatte
married Augustane Berthelot, widower of Philomene Estelle Murphy.

A4-5  Zenon Durson, b. 3 January 1831
      Married about 1853, Felice Angeline Scivicque
      Daughter of Vincent Scivicque and Eleanor Brignac and widow
Charles Montechio.

      Their children were:

      1.  Felice Rodellia, b. 1854, m. Jules Aydell
      2.  Marie Angeline, b. 1857, m. Timothee Lobell
      3.  Zenon Elisee, b. 1859, m. Aurelia LeBourgeois
      4.  Vincent Paul, twin, b. 1861, m. Feleska LeBourgeois
      5.  Margueritte Paulomie, twin, b. 1861, d. 1894
      6.  Charles Durson, b. 1864, d. 1882
      7.  Alexander David, b. 1867, m. Marie Agnes Scivicque

      Felice Angeline d. 25 March 1888, age 67
      Zenon Durson d. 4 May 1926, age 95
      Both are buried in the old French Settlement Cemetery.
      Felice Angeline Scivicque is supposed to have been buried
      over her mother-in-law's grave, Marie Marguerite Magdalene
      (Manon) Brignac.  Manon was last listed in 1850 Census.
      Paul Guitreau is listed in the 1850 Census.  His story is
      he died while visiting relatives in the Opelousas area and
      was buried there.

A4-6  Francois Elizee, b. 10 April 1833, d. 2 Dec. 1858, age 25

A4-7  Jule, b. 27 jan 1838, dec'd before 1850 Census

A4-8  Marie Eve, b. 12 Feb. 1839, dec'd before 1850 Census

A4-9  Marie, b. 17 Dec. 1841, d. 9 July 1917, age 76
      She married Antoine Lambert, son of Joseph Lambert and
Haydel (Aydell)

      Their children were:

      1.  Elydia, b. 1863, m. Charles Cambre
      2.  Elisa, b. 1865, m. Frank A. Millet
      3.  Evenusa, b. 1867, m. Philip Lobell
      4.  Elodie, b. 1869, m. Etienne Lobell
      5.  Antoine Moise, b. 1873, m. Marie Louise Hebert
      6.  Isaac, b. 1876, m. Marie Aydell
      7.  Estelle, b. 1879, m. Paul Babin
      8.  Jean Achille, b. 1882
      9.  Emilie, b. 1885, m. Alonza Burns

A5    Marie Celeste Brignac
      3rd daughter and 5th child of Mathieu Brignac and
Vicknair Born June 1803 and baptised when she was 4 months old, 9
      She married Hilaire Haydel, son of Antoine Haydel and

      1.  Alscide Hubert Haydel m. Polomie Poche
      2.  Elizabeth Haydel m. Valsin Fontenot
      3.  Marie Odeliska Haydel

      Hillaire Haydel is deceased by 1829.

      2nd marriage - Marie Celeste Brignac married a second time
      Jacque Vicknair, son of Jean Baptiste Vicknair Sr. and
      Rosalie Picou.  Jacque was born 20 April 1800 and baptised
      Jean Vicner (Baptism Book 3, page 44, St. John the Baptist

      This civil marriage record is found in St. Helena Parish
Courthouse dated 17 January 1832.

      Their children were:

      1.  Eloise Elizabeth Vicknair, b. 14 Oct. 1832, m. Charles
      2.  Floriska Vicknair, b. 30 Nov. 1835, m. Ambroise Bornes

      3.  Felicia Vicknair, b. 29 Nov. 1836, m. Henry Jules Oubre
      4.  Jacque Achelle Vicknair, b. 18 Nov. 1839
          Killed during the Civil War and buried in Ponchatoula,
      5.  Celestine Vicknair, b. 18 March 1842, m. August Porche

      Celeste d. 1 Dec. 1896, age 93
      Jacque d. 1 Nov. 1881, age 81
      Both are buried in the old French Settlement Cemetery.

A6    The 3rd son and 6th child of Mathieu Brignac and Marguerite
Vicknair was Sylvain Brignac, b. 3 December 18-5.  He married
about 1831 to
Emelite Caille.

      1.  Jean Baptiste Oliver, b. 9 August 1832, m. Alexandrine

      Their children were:

      1.  Laurent, b. 1864
      2.  Vincent, b. 1867
      3.  Marin, b. 3 March 1869
      4.  Philomine, b. 17 Sept 1871
      5.  Marie, b. 2 May 1872
      6.  David Olivian, b. 1874
      7.  Paul Sylvain, b. 1876
      8.  Armantine, b. 1878

      2.  Francois, b. 22 February 1843 (no record)

      3.  Marguerite Julie, b. December 1835
          Married Martin Morin

          Only limited information on this couple and their

          1.  Martin, b. 1854
          2.  Marie Julienne, b. 1855, m. Celestin Mayer
          3.  Fortune, b. (baptism 1860)
          4.  Marie, b. 1866
          5.  Ariste, b. (Baptism 1869)
          6.  Pierre
          7.  Paul, b. (Baptism 1875) St. Joseph
          8.  Richard, B. (Baptism 1880) St. Joseph

      4.  Jean, b. 10 October 1837, no record

      5.  Mathieu, b. 10 September 1839
          Married Jumelia Scivicque, daughter of Vincent
Scivicque Jr.
and Arsene Keller.

          Their children:

          1.  Marie, b. 1868
          2.  Jumilia
          3.  Vincent
          4.  Jean, b. 1875

      6.  Marie Arthemise, b. 18 October 1841
          Married August Keller, son of Francois Keller and

          Their children:

          1.  Nicolas
          2.  Marie R.
          3.  Ernest
          4.  Francois
          5.  Marguerite Helena
          6.  Elia

     Second marriage of Marie Arthemise was to Alceste Argreive,
son of
Ursin Argreive and Pauline Hamilton and widower of Pamela Braud.

          Their children:
            1.  Alcide Argreive, b. 1882

          Marie Arthemise died 2 November 1926, age 85

      7.  Sylvain, b. 18 December 1843, d. 1864, age 20

      8.  Marie Olivia, b. 10 November 1845, deceased by 1865
          Married Pierre Degon Lambert, son of Joseph Lambert and
Suzanne Decaueaux

            1.  Joeph Dorval Lamber, b. 1864

     Sylvain Brignac married a second time to his sister-in-law,
Delphine Haydell the widow in her first marriage of Francois
Brignac, son of
Alexander Brignac and Agnes Poche and in 2nd marriage of Nicolas
brother of Sylvain.

     There were two children born for this couple:

     9.  1.  Simon Brignac, b. 14 February 1850
    10.  2.  Antoine Brignac, b. 9 October 1851

     Delphine Haydell died 9 October 1851 of childbirth when
Antoine was
born, and was probably buried in the old French Settlement


     Sylvain Brignac married a third time to Azelie Keller about
She was the daughter of Michael Keller and Emeranthe Keller.

     Two children were born of this marriage:

    11.  1.  Joseph, b. 25 December 1857, d. 24 January 1858
    12.  2.  Marie Azelie, b. 22 June 1864

      Azelie Brignac married William Smiley in 1883 and died the

     Sylvain Brignac died 8 January 1893, age 87.  He is buried
in the
old French Settlement Cemetery.

A7   The 4th son and 7th child of Mathieu Brignac and Marguerite
Vicknair was Nicolas Brignac, born in September 1808.  He was
deceased by
He married Delphine Haydel, the daughter on Antoine Haydell and
Cesaire Millet and the widow of his cousin Francois Brignac about
Delphine had three children when she married Nicolas:  Alexander,
b. 1829, age
9; Henry Severin b. 1831, age7; Marie Rosa, b. 1836, age 2.

     Nicolas Brignac and Delphine had three children:

     1.  Marguerite Euphemie, b. 27 May 1839
         She married Jules Keller, son of Michael Keller and
         Their children are listed in St. Joseph Church records:

         1.  Marie Emerante, b. 1857
         2.  Marie Julia, b. 1861
         3.  Elisa, b. 1867
         4.  Jean Fulgence, b. 1869
         5.  Edmond, b. 1876
         6.  Pierre, b. 1880
         7.  Jules

     2.  Philomene, b. 30 December 1840
         She married her first cousin, Hypolite (Paul) Guitreau,
son of
         Paul Guitreau II and Marie Magdaleine (Manon) Brignac
widower of Cleotilde Berthelot.

         Their children were:

         1.  Bernard, b. 22 October 1857, m. Rosa Decareaux
         2.  Marie Marianne, b. 12 November 1859, m. Andre Murphy
         3.  Marie Marta, b. 27 April 1862, m. Alces Brignac
         4.  Marie Mathilde, b. 8 February 1864, possibly died

     3.  Nicolas Brignac, Jr. b. 6 February 1843
         There are no records for him so he must have died soon
his baptism.

     By 1845 Nicolas Brignac is deceased.  He was most probably
in the old French Settlement Cemetery but no marker exists.

A8   The 4th daughter and 8th child of Mathieu Brignac and
Vicknair was Marie Brignac, born 2 November 1815 and baptized 26
March 1818,
St. James, Louisiana. No other records found for this daughter.

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