DISCLAIMER:  We are not responsible for the historical accuracy in items republished here.
 These items are republished from old original works for use in your research.
 Please recheck them for accuracy with your records.




Peter M. La Pice de Bergondy  
Adam L. Bourgeois  
George M. Bourgeois  
Lionel J. Bourgeois  
Louis J. Bourgeois  
P. F. Bourgeois  
Ulger Bourque  
Marius Pons Brainger  
Martin Brignac  
Brooks A. Colomb, MD  
Edward J. Conway  
Felix Damare  
J. E. Doussan  
Alcee Fortier  
Elie Ganier  
Prosper Ganier  
Dr. C. A. Gaudet  
Jerome Louis Gaudet  
Arthur G. Gearheard  
Allen T. Gonzales  
J. S. Haydel  ***  Note 
Clifford Himel, MD  
Raoul S. Hymel, DDS  
George H. Jones, MD  
Louis LeBourgeois  
Pierre Etienne LeBourgeois  
Sidney J. Levet  
 Victor Loisel  
Richard P. Lowry  
Louis A. Pellerin  
John L. Peytavin  
Lievin De Poorter  
Lewis D. Prescott  
Reulet Family  
 Andrew Bienvenu Roman  
Mark Theriot, DDS  
John Vegas  
Henry Villar & Rosalee Vickner  
Henry J. Waguespack  
Lionel O. Waguespack, MD  
Wilhelm Waguespack  
Wilhelm J. Waguespack  
Joseph L. Webre, DDS  





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