We are so happy to have you visit the St. James Louisiana Parish GenWeb site.  We have undertaken this as a labor of love for the parish, Louisiana history, and the family genealogy.

Jim is the cajun in this family...lucky him!  I am an "Okie".   (Talk about an ethnic Gumbo!) Jim was born in Thibodaux, Louisiana in Lafourche Parish.  After graduating from Thibodaux High School he left Louisiana to attend college in Texas.  He graduated with a degree in engineering.  I was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where I spent my entire life.  We were married on December 27th 2001.

Today we live on a small acreage in Oklahoma where Jim works as a Network Engineer (some call it a computer geek...*smile*).  He holds an MCSE certification (very important in the computer field!) and I am a housewife, genealogy website designer  and professional genealogist.  

When not working, we spend our time at home with our cats, dog, bees, tropical fish and various other wildlife (we are over run with deer!)  Yes...I said bees!  One of our hobbies is beekeeping.  It's fun, and tastes good too!  We take a lot of small genealogy related trips on weekends and love to spend time traveling together.  Jim is also an amateur photographer.

The Webre family can be found in South Louisiana on the German Coast beginning about 1721.  They moved up the river, like most other people, first from New Orleans in the very early days to Des Allemands and into St. John, St. James and Lafourche Parishes.  They still make these areas their homes.

We are happy to have you visit...please feel free to contact us!

                                Jim and Jana Webre



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